10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (2023)

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  • With the ongoing 34th season of the beloved long-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons, delivering an instant classic through "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII," it's the perfect time to look back at some of the best Treehouse of Horror episodes from the show's golden era.

Since debuting in 1989, The Simpsons has become a cultural icon. More than just a TV show, The Simpsons has infiltrated every form of media. Video games, comic books, albums, and even a feature film have all been produced, proving the Springfield family's influence stretches far and wide. In recent years it has been crowned the longest-running primetime American scripted series, and it has shown no signs of stopping.

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One of The Simpson's most popular traditions is its annual "Treehouse of Horror" special. Each season a Halloween episode is released, usually featuring three short stories that parody popular horror movies and tales. With the news that this year's incarnation will be two episodes, with one devoted entirely to parodying Stephen King'sIT, the time seemed right to look back on the highlights of this Halloween favorite. All seasons of The Simpsons can be streamed on Disney+.

Updated on January 18th, 2023, by Hannah Saab:

With the ongoing 34th season of the beloved long-running animated sitcom, The Simpsons, delivering an instant classic through "Treehouse of Horror XXXIII," it's the perfect time to look back at some of the best Treehouse of Horror episodes from the show's golden era.

10 "Treehouse of Horror X"

Season 11, Episode 4 (1999)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (1)

Releasing almost a decade after the show's debut episode, "Treehouse of Horror X," and coming in at the turn of the century, the episode's final story, "Life's a Glitch, Then You Die," pokes fun at the Y2K hysteria that was engulfing the world at the time, with Homer being responsible for society's collapse.

The first segment, "I Know What You Diddily--Iddily-did," is an homage to '90s slasher favorite I Know What You Did Last Summer. After accidentally running over Ned Flanders, the family is haunted by a hooked figure who resembles the movie's famous killer, resulting in a fun and spooky story.

(Video) First 30 SIMPSONS TREEHOUSE OF HORROR Ranked Worst to Best (Episodes 1 - 10)

9 "Treehouse of Horror IX"

Season 10, Episode 4 (1998)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (2)

Kicking off a great couch gag featuring Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, "Treehouse of Horror IX" is a blast. When hairless Homer receives his dream hair transplant in "Hell Toupee," he receives a new sense of self-confidence. Unfortunately, the hair belonged to the recently executed Snake, and the toupee forces Homer to murder the witnesses that put him in jail.

The second episode, "The Terror of Tiny Toon," finds Bart and Lisa sucked into the TV, where they are hunted across several channels by the homicidal Itchy and Scratchy. Things wrap up with "Starship Poopers," which features an intergalactic custody battle that even Jerry Springer can't resolve.

8 "Treehouse of Horror"

Season 2, Episode 3 (1990)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (3)

The first take on the format, "Treehouse of Horror," debuted in the show's second season. Beginning with a standard haunted house story, "Bad Dream House" is reminiscent of classic movies Poltergeist and The Amityville Horror, albeit with The Simpsons' comedic twist.

"Hungry Are the Damned" is a great alien invasion story that features the first-ever appearance of Kang and Kodos, who would go on to feature regularly over the years. "The Raven" is one of the best adaptations of Edgar Allen Poe's famous short story, and this segment drew particular praise from critics at the time.

(Video) Ranking Every Treehouse of Horror Segment

7 "Treehouse of Horror II"

Season 3, Episode 7 (1991)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (4)

Portraying the stories as nightmares that Lisa, Bart, and Homer suffer after eating too much Halloween candy, "Treehouse of Horror II" lampoons a few segments from The Twilight Zone. The first finds the family discovering a gift-giving monkey's paw in Morocco. The wishes granted are as corrupted as expected, ranging from world peace luring in alien invaders to dry turkey sandwiches.

Bart's nightmare finds him possessing supernatural abilities, tormenting anyone who doesn't let him get his way. The final segment is an ode to Frankenstein, as Mr. Burns abducts Homer for an experiment. The heartless boss places Homer's brain inside a giant robot, resulting in a mechanical worker just as useless as he is.

6 "Treehouse of Horror VIII"

Season 9, Episode 4 (1997)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (5)

Beginning with Springfield being bombed by a nuclear missile, a chance bomb shelter inspection saves Homer's life. Realizing he's the last human alive and can do anything he wants, he runs amok in town before being confronted by a pack of mutants who survived the blast.

"Fly vs. Fly" follows Bart as he accidentally swaps places with a fly in an experiment gone wrong, featuring some gross body horror that would make David Cronenberg proud. Finale, "Easy-Bake Coven," is an ode to the Salem witch trials and offers The Simpsons' take on the origins of Halloween.

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5 "Treehouse of Horror VII"

Season 8, Episode 1 (1996)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (6)

The season premiere for the show's eighth season, "Treehouse of Horror VII," features evil twins, miniature societies, and alien presidents. "The Thing and I" begins with Bart and Lisa discovering a creature that lives in their attic, which is revealed to have a striking resemblance to Bart.

"The Genesis Tub" finds Lisa worshiped as the god of a small community after a science experiment creates human life, albeit in a tiny form. "Citizen Kang" is a satirical take on the 1996 U.S. election, where Bill Clinton and Bob Dole are replaced by Kang and Kodos so that they can enslave the human race.

4 "Treehouse of Horror III"

Season 4, Episode 5 (1992)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (7)

An all-around great episode, "Treehouse of Horror III" features three memorable shorts. "Clown Without Pity" is a riff on Child's Play, with Chucky replaced with a killer Krusty the Clown doll. It gifted us some of the show's most quoted lines, from "someone set this thing to evil" to Homer's exchange with the storekeeper who sold him the doll.

"King Homer" apes King Kong, with Homer portraying the gigantic primate that falls in love with Marge after she joins Mr. Burns' voyage to Skull Island. "Dial Z for Zombies" is a take on the classic zombie story, with Bart and Lisa casting a black magic spell that wakes the dead from their graves so that they can feast on the townspeople.

(Video) Top 20 "Post-Classic" Treehouse of Horror Segments

3 "Treehouse of Horror VI"

Season 7, Episode 6 (1995)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (8)

The sixth "Treehouse of Horror" episode takes aim at one of the most iconic horror villains, with "Nightmare on Evergreen Terrace" casting Groundskeeper Willie in the role of Freddy Krueger. After negligence causes the school employee to burn to death, he promises to take revenge on the schoolchildren in their dreams.

"Attack of the 50-Foot Eyesores" finds giant advertising mascots brought to life after a freak storm, and the towering characters harass Springfield. "Homer Cubed" sees Homer sucked into a new dimension, where everything is rendered in 3D. The animation in this segment is completely different from how the show normally operates and was revolutionary for television back in 1995.

2 "Treehouse of Horror IV"

Season 5, Episode 5 (1993)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (9)

Bart introduces each story in "Treehouse of Horror IV," using a backdrop of art as inspiration. The first, "The Devil and Homer Simpson," sees Homer sell his soul to the devil for a donut. When the devil comes to collect, the family hires Lionel Hutz (in one of his best appearances) to save Homer's soul in a hellish trial.

"Terror at 5 1/2 Feet" parodies one of The Twilight Zone's most famous stories, with Bart being tormented by a monster on the side of the school bus. The last segment, "Bart Simpson's Dracula," is a tribute to the famous bloodsucker, with Mr. Burns taking on the role of history's most famous vampire.

1 "Treehouse of Horror V"

Season 6, Episode 6 (1994)

10 Best 'The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror Episodes Before the 2000s, Ranked (10)
(Video) Ranking EVERY Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Segment Ever!

Not just the best Treehouse of Horror episode, "Treehouse of Horror V" is one of the best Simpsons episodes in general, arriving right in the sweet spot of the show's golden years. "The Shinning," a re-telling of Stephen King's The Shining, sees Homer taking on the role of Jack Torrance as he chases his family around a snowed-in hotel.

"Time and Punishment" sees Homer traveling through the multiverse thanks to a time-traveling toaster. It results in one of the best time travel episodes on television as Homer experiences many "disturbing universes." The episode wraps up with "Nightmare Cafeteria," a dark tale about the teachers of Springfield Elementary feasting on the children under their care.

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What is the best Simpsons Treehouse of Horror episode? ›

1. Treehouse V. The framing devices left the series with “Treehouse V,” but all the segments were linked by the misfortunes of Groundskeeper Willie, incompetent horror hero. He can't stop a psychotic Homer in “The Shinning,” the best movie spoof The Simpsons has ever done.

What is the scariest Treehouse of Horror episode? ›

'Treehouse of Horror III' (Season 4)

Nearly 30 years after it originally aired, “Clown Without Pity” (in which a sentient Krusty the Clown doll preys on Homer) remains one of the best and genuinely scariest “Treehouse of Horror” segments.

What is the scariest Simpsons episode ever? ›

Considered by many to be the best Treehouse of Horror segment ever made, "The Shinning" is also considered one of the scariest. Cutting off access to cable and beer would make anyone mad, but Homer took it a step further by going full Jack Torrance.

What is episode 338 of The Simpsons? ›

Sleeping with the Enemy (The Simpsons)

What age is The Simpsons rated? ›

Episodes of The Simpsons tend to be rated TV-PG, meaning parental guidance is suggested. Some episodes have been rated TV-14, in which case parents are strongly cautioned against allowing children under the age of 14 to watch.

What is the lowest rated Simpsons episode? ›

Still, it's interesting that the show's highest-rated episode - "Homer's Enemy" - comes from near the end of the show's eighth season, and the show's lowest-rated episode - "Lisa Goes Gaga" - aired more than a decade ago.

Which Treehouse of Horror is stranger things? ›

In the 30th Treehouse of Horrors, and the show's 666th episode, The Simpsons spoofed the Netflix megahit Stranger Things, with a few tweaks of course.

What is the 666th episode of The Simpsons? ›

"Treehouse of Horror XXX" is the fourth episode of the thirty-first season of the American animated television series The Simpsons, and the 666th episode overall as well as the thirtieth Treehouse of Horror episode.

What Simpsons episode is Pennywise in? ›

The 34th season of “The Simpsons” includes the Halloween episode “Not It,” a spoof of Stephen King's famed horror novel and movie “It.”

What is inappropriate in The Simpsons? ›

When it comes to "The Simpsons," Common Sense Media recommends that only children ages 10 and up view the show. The organization cites that the show does contain violence, sexually explicit content, substance use, and anarchy at times.

What was the last Treehouse of Horror? ›

The third, fourth, and fifth episodes were each represented by two segments. The most recent episode on the list was "Treehouse of Horror IX", which first aired in 1998.

Who is the best treehouse builder? ›

Pete Nelson has one of those careers you might have fantasized about at age eight but never realized is really possible: he's the world's best-known treehouse designer and builder.

Which Treehouse of Horror has Avatar? ›

Treehouse of Horror XXII

Will The Simpsons end at 1000 episodes? ›

“The Simpsons” aired its 700th episode earlier this year, and Jean says he would be happy to keep the show going until it reaches 1,000 episodes — a feat which would not occur until 2033.

What is the 420th episode of The Simpsons? ›

All About Lisa

What is the 69th episode of The Simpsons? ›

"Lisa's First Word" originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 3, 1992. The episode was selected for release in a 1999 video collection of selected episodes titled: The Simpsons: Greatest Hits.

Is The Simpsons ok for a 12 year old? ›

Unsuitable for children under 12 years.

The scenes may contain physical aggression, smoking and drinking and sexual innuendo.

Does Simpsons swear? ›

Words like "hell" or "damn" are frequent. Also contains infrequent use of derogatory terms against minority groups in some episodes.

Is South Park OK for kids? ›

What Parents Need to Know. Parents need to know that South Park is an animated satirical series that isn't meant for young kids. There are lots of mature themes, swearing, over-the-top cartoon violence, potty humor, and innuendo.

Why is Marge hair like that? ›

The “Simpsons” matriarch's impressive hair was inspired by “The Bride of Frankenstein” and by his own mother's hairdo from the 1960s, the series' creator told The New York Times Magazine in an interview published Sunday. Marge Simpson's gravity-defying blue beehive is a hybrid creation, Matt Groening has revealed.

Why is The Simpsons movie rated R? ›

Minor characters and animals are crushed, kicked, and killed off, sometimes in groan-inducing ways. Bart gets drunk, Marge and Homer share a pre-coital scene, and there are lots of jokes that reference other movies and cultural events that might go over the younger audience members' heads.

Is the Simpsons movie rated R? ›

THE SIMPSONS MOVIE is an animated feature film based on the popular American television series. The film was classified 'PG' for mild language, innuendo and comic violence, all of these issues being set within an irreverent tone familiar to viewers of the series.

Who is the female golem Simpsons? ›

Fran Drescher is the voice of Female Golem in The Simpsons.

What is the longest episode of The Simpsons? ›

Thanksgiving of Horror - Wikipedia.

What episode does Homer go crazy? ›

In "The Shinning", a spoof of The Shining, the Simpsons are hired as caretakers at Mr. Burns' mansion. Deprived of television and beer, Homer becomes insane and attempts to murder the family.

What is the 30th Treehouse of Horror? ›

The 30th Treehouse of Horror features a demon Maggie, a mission to rescue Milhouse from another dimension, dead-Homer's spirit trying on some new bodies for size and Selma finally finding love in an unlikely place - the alien in the basement.

Which Treehouse of Horror has the Dolphins? ›

Homer must do one good deed to get into Heaven; Bart and Lisa encounter a witch in a gingerbread house; Super-intelligent dolphins strike back at humanity.

Which Treehouse of Horror has a Clockwork Orange? ›

The 25th annual 'Simpsons' Halloween special includes an alternate dimension, a "Clockwork Orange"-style gang led by Moe and a visit from the Tracey Ullman-era Simpsons.

What was The Simpsons 100th episode? ›

"Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" is the nineteenth episode of the fifth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons, and the 100th episode overall. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 28, 1994.

What episode is Snoop Dogg on The Simpsons? ›

The Great Phatsby - The Simpsons: Guest Starring Snoop Dogg | IMDb.

What is The Simpsons 200th episode? ›

"Trash of the Titans" is the twenty-second episode of the ninth season of the American animated television series The Simpsons. The 200th episode of the series overall, it originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 26, 1998.

What is the saddest episode of The Simpsons? ›

Simpsons fans have long considered “Mother Simpson” to be one of the most emotional episodes of the series, ending with what is easily the most affecting moment in the show's history. Homer's long-lost mother Mona reappears and becomes a part of his life.

What episode of The Simpsons is called Not It? ›

"Not It" is the fifth episode of season 34 episode of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and thirty-third episode overall. It originally aired on October 23, 2022.

What did The Simpsons predict in season 11 episode 17? ›

Season 11, Episode 17

The leader of the country was Lisa Simpson, Lisa mentioned that the United States was tasked with fixing the economy after former Donald Trump's presidency. Not only was Trump elected President in 2016, but one scene from the show looked as if it was almost replicated in real life.

What episode is banned Simpsons? ›

An episode of the Simpsons that references “forced labour camps” in China has been removed from Disney+ streaming services in Hong Kong. The episode is the second in the long-running US cartoon's latest season. One Angry Lisa sees Marge buy an interactive training exercise bike, similar to a Peloton bike.

Is The Simpsons ok for a 10 year old? ›

This is a very good show with good storylines! This is recommended for people 10 and older. I binge watch the show on disney+, mainly at night.

What blood type is Bart Simpson? ›

Homer originally offers to donate some of his blood believing that he would get a reward for saving Burns' life, but discovers that his blood type is A positive. When discussing it with Marge, he learns that his son Bart is double O negative.

Where is the largest abandoned Treehouse? ›

The Life and Fiery Death of the World's Biggest Treehouse

Located just outside of Crossville, Tennessee, the 97-foot-tall tree house and church is supported by a still-living 80-foot-tall white oak tree with a 12-foot diameter base, relying on six other oaks for support.

What is the 33rd Treehouse of Horror? ›

"Treehouse of Horror XXXIII" is the sixth episode of season 34 episode of The Simpsons and the seven-hundred and thirty-third episode overall. It originally aired on October 30, 2022. The episode was written by Carolyn Omine, Ryan Koh, Matt Selman and directed by Rob Oliver.

Which Treehouse of Horror has the Great Pumpkin? ›

The Simpsons' 19th Halloween Special, with parodies of "Transformers," "Mad Men," and "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."

What is the coolest treehouse? ›

Timber! 10 of the best treehouses around the world
  • Pedra Salgadas Spa & Nature Park, Portugal. ...
  • Hudnalls Hideout, Wales. ...
  • Treehouse Lodge, Peru. ...
  • &Beyond Lake Manyara Tree Lodge, Tanzania. ...
  • The Fish Hotel, Cotswolds, UK. ...
  • Nothofagus Hotel, Chile. ...
  • Chateaux dans les Arbres, France. ...
  • Post Ranch Inn, USA.
Jun 9, 2022

What age is a good treehouse? ›

Adult supervision is recommended. Children younger than 6 years of age should never play in a tree house unless an adult is present.

Is it safe to build a treehouse? ›

When built with the proper hardware and techniques, treehouses are no more dangerous than being on a deck or back yard shed. The only exception is that you shouldn't occupy treehouses during high wind or lightning storms.

Does home tree get destroyed in Avatar? ›

In Avatar, the Hometree of the Omatikaya clan was obliterated by the RDA's security forces using high explosive missiles, after driving the Na'vi out with tear gas, forcing the remaining inhabitants to relocate. Colonel Quaritch referred to it as "one big damn tree" before destroying it.

What Treehouse of Horror does Bart have a twin? ›

Bart's Siamese twin swells in the attic; Lisa's science experiment creates a miniature universe of advanced civilization; aliens possess Clinton and Dole.

Why did they destroy the tree in Avatar? ›

Miles Quaritch gathered information on the tree from Jake's video logs and based an attack strategy around it. he initiated a full-scale assault two days later, of which the main objective was to annihilate the Tree of Souls in order to clear the Na'vi away from the corporation's unobtanium mining efforts.

What is season 32 episode 11 of The Simpsons a parody of? ›

Marge and Homer travel to the CBG family home and meet his father. “You may refer to me as Postage Stamp Fellow.” A Wes Anderson parody history of CBG's family gives us a Royal Tenenbaums-esque chronicling of the character's elaborate family tree.

Which Treehouse of Horror has Homer eating himself? ›

Maggie gets possessed by a demon; Lisa discovers a creepy/perfect version of her family in an alternative universe; Homer cannibalizes himself.

What is the funniest Simpson episode ever? ›

Hank Azaria wound up crushing the role.
  • "The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson" - 9.0. ...
  • "The Springfield Files" - 9.0. Season 8, Episode 10. ...
  • "Who Shot Mr. Burns? ...
  • "Cape Feare" — 9.1/10. Season 5, Episode 2. ...
  • "Marge vs. The Monorail" - 9.1. ...
  • "Treehouse of Horror V" - 9.2. ...
  • "Who Shot Mr. ...
  • "You Only Move Twice" - 9.2.
Nov 28, 2022

What is the weirdest Simpsons episode? ›

The 10 Weirdest Episodes Of The Simpsons
  1. 1 The Simpsons Go To Another World In "The Man Who Came To Be Dinner"
  2. 2 "The Serfsons" Feels Like A Disenchantment Episode. ...
  3. 3 Bart Becomes Paranoid In "Brother's Little Helper" ...
  4. 4 "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes" Gets Progressively Strange. ...
Dec 9, 2022


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