7 Fab Makeup Tricks for Hazel Eyes ... (2023)


By Heather

7 Fab Makeup Tricks for Hazel Eyes ... (2)

Hazel eyes are some of the most beautiful eyes out there, but finding the right makeup tips for hazel eyes isn't easy! They constantly change, constantly shift, constantly switch colors and that's hard to keep up with! Well all you hazel-eyed girls out there, I've got your back because I've got the top 8 fab and awesome makeup tips for hazel eyes that really work! So you ready to explore makeup tips for hazel eyes that will bring out the greens, the blues and the browns?

1 Experiment with Colored Eyeliners

Because hazel eyes are so, so unique and different, one of the makeup tips for hazel eyes that I recommend is playing with all sorts of different colored eyeliners! Blues, greens, blacks and even some violets can all be used and even bring out the colors of your eyes that you want. So experiment a little bit ladies!

2 Shimmery Gold

One of the biggest colors that works so well for hazel eyes is gold. Whether you are trying to bring out the green flecks or keep with some honey tones, shimmery gold will do that for you! This makeup tip for hazel eyes really works! Just a little brush of the eyeshadow goes a long, long way!

3 Toy with Purples

This makeup tip for hazel eyes is all about bringing out the green in your eyes. Green and purples and plums look great! I actually have green eyes and instead of black liner, I always do violet or plum and it really highlights my eyes and truly brings out the green in them. Try it ladies!

4 Avoid Blue/Gray Eyeshadows

A few colored eyeshadows that you should avoid when you have hazel eyes is blue/gray eyeshadows. The only reason for that is because with hazel eyes, you want eyeshadows that compliment all of the different colors in your eyes and these two colors typically don't.

5 Coppery Lips

So I haven't tried this one yet, but if you are daring, copper colored lipstick might be a good idea just so that you can really highlight your eyes and bring out the honey tones in them! Give this makeup tip for hazel eyes a try and let me know how it works for you!

6 Green Tones

Green tones for hazel eyes look fantastic! Green eyeshadow and even some green colored eyeliner can really bring out those green tones that you have in your eyes! So ladies, try and play up the green by adding a bit of green eyeshadow!

7 Mauve Pinks

Finally, another eyeshadow that looks great on hazel eyes is mauve pinks. I love mauve pink, I think that it looks great on any eyes, but especially eyes that have green and blue in them! So ladies, try out this makeup tip for hazel eyes and sound off below on how it worked out for you!

You asked for it and we delivered! As you can see, these are the top 7 makeup tips for hazel eyes all surround bringing out those highlights in your beautiful eyes. So ladies, what other makeup tips for hazel eyes do you have? Sound off below!

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  • SleepyWillow692 I got a mixture between green and hazel with a hint of blue in them,i love purple smoky eyes it can look outstanding with a nude lip or a shimmery pink gloss
  • Anomous where do you get copper lipstick in tampa/brandon FL? I LOVE IT.....SOOOOO CUTE =D
    • Heather Do you have a MAC store near you? :)
  • Ana I thought I had hazel eyes until I read that they have a bit of blue in them, but do yellow/green/brown go under hazel? :) And which colors do you recommend for that eye color, or can I use these tips? :)
    • Heather Hi Ana! These tips should work great for you! :)
  • Noni Bleh! I wish I had hazel eyes...any ways/tips to get someone's eyes to change color?
    • Heather Hi Noni! I don't think so! Aww, I wish though!
  • Daniela 7 Fab Makeup Tricks for Hazel Eyes ... miequipolan @virgysolis (via Twitter)
  • Simone I have blue-green-grey hazel eyes with a gold ring around the pupil. These days, I wear mostly bronze/coppery lip shades - they work really well for me, even though I am cool-toned/fair-skinned. When I don't wear bronze/copper, I opt for a neutral "hazy mauve", which looks nice, too. I am often complimented when I wear shades of teal or turquoise eye shadows/liners - My very favourite go-to eye pencil is Rimmel in Jungle Green. I can pull-off a small amount of grey shadow if I keep to coppery/bronze shadow over the whole eye area, then use a bit of gun metal grey shadow on the lid, and black eyeliner, in which case, I go over the liner with a fine line of sparkly jet black shadow, then volumizing mascara - I have JUST discovered Avon Supershock Mascara! WOW! It works really well! I tend to stay away from shades of pink because they make me look as if I either have a chronic eye disease or serious liver problems! Lol! You are right about shades of blue - they just don't seem to look "quite right" - they make my eyes appear "muddy". On the very rare occasion I use blue, it tends to be more in the violet or green range, but not "true blues". I have recently played with purples and violets, and received compliments on those, also.Typically, I play up my eyes, and keep everything else neutral. I will have to try the gold shadow - that sounds cool! Thank you for your tips! :0)
    • Simone @Heather Jensen, Thank you, Heather! :0)
    • Heather This is great! Thank you so much for sharing Simone! :) Your eyes sound absolutely beautiful by the way. :) Keep reading!
    • Simone One more thing ...I can get away with a bit of silver eyeshadow if I wear it only on the lid, but line my eyes with either shades of green, teal, or purple/violet.
  • Noni Blah! I want hazel eyes! Anything a girl with big brown eyes can do to achieve that sometimes blue and sometimes green eye trick? That would also be a good article...
    • Noni @Heather Jensen, Thank-you so much! :) I'll be waiting for that article then!
    • Heather Hey Noni! Thanks so much for the comment and the idea! I'll definitely add that to my list! ;)
  • Emily I have hazel eyes and all these tips are amazing! (except the copper lip color.... didn't look good on me but I'm sure it does for some other ppl!) Thanks for the tips :)
    • Heather That's awesome Emily! Thank you for the comment! :)
  • Brittany I know it's far and few but i have two completely different colored eyes, what should I do with a brown/green hazel eye and a blue eye.?
    • Heather Hey Brittany! I'd actually experiment a little bit. I think that plum and violet colors would work for you, maybe stay away from a lot of the cool blues and grays, but go with some green highlights. BTW, I LOVE people with two color eyes, it's so unique!
  • Rayna This is awesome! I have hazel eyes and as of late they've gotten a little more green so I've been trying to find things to bring them out! Thanks!
    • Heather Anytime! Thank you Rayna!! I'm so glad that you liked the tips. :)
  • beauty i also don't have hazel eyes...but i love this..
    • Heather Agreed! I love the way hazel changes color too. So cool!
  • Esther I don't have hazel eyes but.. These are amazing tips!^^ especially the copper lips, pink or mauve was it? Eye liner/shadow and other other ones too :3



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