8 Natural Recipes for Restoring the Color of Graying Hair ... (2023)


By Jelena

8 Natural Recipes for Restoring the Color of Graying Hair ... (2)

How to restore gray hair without having to use harsh commercial dyes is a century old question! Well, maybe not century, but we’re still talking about an issue most women are bound to face sooner or later! Luckily, there are plenty of natural concoctions for restoring graying hair and my today’s post will, hopefully, help you find a perfect one for your hair! Simply take a look at these following recipes describing how to create natural hair dyes for gray hair and enjoy experimenting:

1 Sage Natural Dye for Gray Hair

½ Cup Dried Sage
2 Cups Water
Very popular and extremely well-known, this recipe has been the answer to many prayers and will probably help all of you ladies wondering how to restore gray hair reach your goals! Simply boil sage and water, let the mixture steep for a few hours then strain and use the dark liquid to rinse your hair. Let the mixture dry completely then rinse out with lukewarm water. You must be patient and persistent, though, as this natural recipe needs to be used every to every second day and results will probably need anywhere from two weeks to a month to show.

2 Rosemary and Sage Dye Recipe for Gray Hair

¼ Cup Rosemary
¼ Sage
2 Cups Water
This interesting variation of the previous recipe won’t require any extra skills and is said to work a little bit faster! Definitely not a bad thing to have around in case you like to experiment a bit before settling for just one favorite recipe. Make and use it the same way you’d use a sage rinse but give herbs a bit more time to steep (overnight would be fantastic).

3 Potato Peel Rinse for Restoring Graying Hair

Weird? Nope! I think the word we’re looking for here is “effective”! Potato peels have been used to color fabrics and even hair since old times and, although this might mean the method itself is a bit outdated, we can’t argue the fact that it’s 100% natural and safe! There is no actual recipe to stick to here which only makes your potato peel hair care that much simpler to do! Simply boil any amount of potato peels you have lying around, allow the mixture 30 minutes to simmer then let it cool, strain and use the liquid as a hair rinse. Repeat the process often (every time you’re making potatoes for lunch) and your white strands will gradually become less noticeable!

4 Indian Gooseberry Powder

3 Table Spoons Indian Gooseberry Powder
Still wondering how to restore gray hair? Well, I have another interesting recipe for you! And unlike all others, this concoction looks and works more like an actual dye! What you’ll need to do is mix Indian Gooseberry powder with enough water to get a mixture that is runny but not too runny. Let the mixture boil then lower the temperature and let it simmer until the excess water evaporates and the mixture thickens. Allow it some time to cool down, then apply like henna or regular hair dye. Let it sit on your hair anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours (the longer the better) then rinse using lukewarm water and, if needed, mild shampoo.

5 Walnut Shell Natural Dye for Gray Hair

5-10 Black Walnut Shells
2 Cups Water
Next on my list of cool natural dyes for gray hair you really must try is a simple yet amazingly effective liquid you’ll get by boiling black walnut shells. May be a bit too effective, if you ask me, as this brown liquid stains everything it touches and, therefore, requires a steady hand. Okay…we’ll now that we’re done with the warnings, all that’s left for you to do is crush and boil your walnut shells. Let them simmer until half of the water evaporates then set aside and let them cool overnight. Strain your dye to remove shells then apply making sure you don’t stain your clothes and skin. Cover your hair with a shower cap and let this mixture sit until the shade is just perfect, then carefully rinse out and enjoy your new color!

6 Natural Rinse Recipe for Graying Blondes

1 Teaspoon of each powdered ginger, dry mustard and curry powder
1 Small Pinch Turmeric
1 Cup Water
This interesting, easy to do recipe will help restore the color of your blonde tresses, giving them a natural golden shine! It won’t darken your hair, which is a plus, but acts more like a tint than an actual dye which means you’ll have to repeat it each time you shampoo your hair. Pour a cup of boiling water over your mixture of spices and let them steep until completely cool. All you’ll have to do afterwards is use this liquid to rinse your hair a few times. Rinse over a larger dish so you can get as many rinses out of this quantity as possible, leave on for about thirty minutes then rinse out with a mixture of cold water and vinegar. Voila!

7 Sage and Rum Color Restoring Recipe

4 Tbsps Dried Sage
2 Cups Water
4 Tsps Rum
30ml/1 o.z Glycerin
Vitamin E
Next to help you get some ideas on how to restore gray hair is this fantastic recipe you can bottle and easily use, simply by dabbing some of the liquid on those gray areas you’d like to see darkened. Steep sage in boiled water letting it sit in there for about two hours. Stray and pour the liquid into a glass jar, add rum, glycerin and a few drops of vitamin E, cap and shake well until all the ingredients are blended.

8 Beet Juice Recipes for Restoring Gray Hair

Perfect for red hair and quick to show results, Beet juice is something you absolutely must try! Use it alone in case bright red is what you’re going for or mix it with other herbal rinses for brown or black hair. Strong black tea, coffee or walnut shell rinse can be mixed with Beet juice in different ratios, giving you that perfect shade of reddish brown or brownish red to be proud of!

Do you have any interesting recipes or ideas on how to restore gray hair? Do share! I’m sure these natural dyes for gray hair are totally worth a shot and it would be amazing if ladies who had tried them could join in and share their first hand experiences!

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