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A comfortable Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram flight with IndiGo

For travellers eager to visit and experience the beautiful capital city of God’s own country, allow us to give you a special experience in IndiGo’s Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram flights. Thiruvananthapuram, or Trivandrum, is the most populous city of the state, that catches tourist’s attention by its colonial-style architecture in the form of forts and art galleries. It is situated at the southern tip of India and attracts visitors from all around the world every year in colossal numbers. This city is famous for being home to the first-ever IT Park, Technopark, which was established in 1995 and is now the third-largest IT Park in the Asian continent. We can also assure you to provide the best flying experience on your return flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Hyderabad and let you embrace Kerala’s hangover.

Important Information about Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram flights

The process of booking Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram flight tickets is hassle-free and you can directly book them from IndiGo’s official website goIndiGo.in, or through IndiGo mobile app. To avail exciting discounts and cashback on Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram lowest fare flights, you can book your tickets from the above mentioned IndiGo website link. IndiGo also offers flyers looking to book cheap air tickets for their onward journey from Thiruvananthapuram, like from Thiruvananthapuram to Delhi, Thiruvananthapuram to Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram to Kannur and Thiruvananthapuram to Bengaluru flights.

Thiruvananthapuram - The evergreen city of India

Bearing the longest name of a city in India which literally translates to the city of Lord Anantha, Thiruvananthapuram is famous for spices, sandalwood and ivory. This city has many pristine beaches, monumental Hindu shrines, historical artefacts, palaces, museums, and almost everything to keep a visitor occupied and happy during their stay. For those of you looking to avail the best offers on your Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram flight, please visit IndiGo’s website, goIndiGo.in.

Things to do in Thiruvananthapuram

Temple Hopping: You should start your day by visiting one of the many temples here such as Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Chamundi Devi Temple, Pazhavangadi Ganapathi Temple, and many more. You will feel a sense of tranquillity in these temples with your family.

Trivandrum Museums: If you like peaceful places where you get to know a lot about rich cultural significance and history, then Trivandrum is a place you will fall for. There are museums like the Napier Museum with Mughal and Chinese architecture, and the Natural History Museum, which is an epitome of Ethnography.

Tourist attractions in Thiruvananthapuram

Indian Coffee House: You must have heard ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’. This is one place where you will enjoy every sip of the delectable filter coffee they serve in their 14 coffee branches across the city. Apart from the aromatic freshly-brewed coffee, you will fall for the ambience and interiors inside these cafes.

Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary: For nature lovers who love to sit by themselves and just appreciate the beauty of mother nature, this is the best destination. This sanctuary is home to many endangered species of the world and organises lion and deer safaris on a regular basis. There is Neyyar Dam as well, for boating and fishing.

Places to shop in Thiruvananthapuram

This city is a treat for shopaholics, as there are many options available- be it local street shopping or swanky shopping malls. There is Chalai Market, which is over a 100 years old, with almost everything from groceries to garments available. Then there is Connemara Market, which is a local market famous for spices, fruits and vegetables.

Best time to visit Thiruvananthapuram

Though it is a year-round vacation destination in India, to have the best experience, October to February is the ideal time to visit this beautiful city. The temperature ranges from 24 degrees to 32 degrees Celsius. This mild winter season adds its touch to the city, which gives visitors a soothing experience of exploration. The summer season is humid, and you would want to stay back in your hotel before sunset. The monsoon season is relatively cooler. The temperature touches 34 degrees Celsius in summers and around 26 degrees Celsius in monsoon season.

Modes of transport in Thiruvananthapuram

You will find many convenient modes of transport for moving from one point to another within the city. You can take taxis, auto rickshaws, or local buses (private and government-run) which are pocket-friendly and easily available.

Airport in Thiruvananthapuram

Thiruvananthapuram has only one airport which is the Trivandrum International Airport, established in 1932. This airport is merely seven km away from the main city, with two terminals- one being a domestic terminal and the other being an international terminal. In addition to this, this airport is also used by the Indian Air Force and Coast Guard.

Address: Airport Rd, Chacka, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695008


Hyderabad - Pearl city

Hyderabad is also known as The Pearl City because of the heavy trading of diamond and pearls that has been a common business here in the local markets. One delicacy which Hyderabad is most renowned for in the world is its Biryani; nobody should leave this city without trying it. Hyderabad is an eclectic mix of rich historical and cultural significance and modern lifestyle coexisting. Do check the status of your Hyderabad to Thiruvananthapuram flight on the website, prior to your travel.

Things to do in Hyderabad

Visit Golconda Fort: This is one monument which Hyderabad boasts of, and is the first thing to look out for if you are in Hyderabad. This was built in the 13th Century and became the capital of the Qutub Shah Dynasty in the 16th Century. This fort is built on a granite hill and is also known as The Shepherd’s Hill.

Jungle Safari: Hyderabad has a lot in store for you to stay connected with nature; there is a Nehru Zoological Park for a jungle safari and sightseeing. It has many exotic and some endangered wildlife species for you to catch a glimpse of.

Tourist attractions in Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City: If you’re a movie buff and a die-hard Bollywood fan, then this is your go-to place. Even if you’re not, you should definitely visit the world’s largest film city. Many iconic Bollywood movies have been shot here. Apart from the film city, there is an amusement park and a hotel here as well.

Chowmahalla Palace: This royal architecture used to be the official residence of Nizams once where grand celebrations were hosted. It has courtyards, gardens with beautiful fountains.

Places to shop in Hyderabad

You can shop for almost anything you have in your wish list when you are in Hyderabad. There are many options in local markets for shopping, like Begum Bazaar, Chor Bazaar, Laad Bazaar, Nampally Market and Pot Market. In a nutshell, you will never be out of options when we speak of shopping in Hyderabad.

Best Time to visit Hyderabad

The summer season is the time when the temperature touches 43 degrees Celsius, but the evenings are pleasant. The peak season is winter, from November to February, where the tourist footfall is highest as the temperature is conducive to go out and explore the city’s jewels without getting dehydrated. In winters, the temperature remains in the range of 14-16 degrees Celsius. In the monsoon season, Hyderabad receives moderate rainfall with pleasant weather.

Modes of transport in Hyderabad

Hyderabad, being a major IT hub of the country, is well-connected from one point of the city to another point. There are buses within the city that cover almost the entire city through different routes and are inexpensive as well. There are ample taxis/cabs for you to comfortably explore the city. To move from one market to a nearby market, you can also take rickshaws and autos. Hyderabad Metro is also active now in many parts of the city.

Airport in Hyderabad

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport- also known as Shamshabad Airport, it is a beautiful airport serving Hyderabad. It has two terminals which manage both domestic and international passenger traffic.

Address: Shamshabad, Hyderabad, Telangana 500409


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